Become an Event Leader

Do you love Columbus Gives Back and want to become more involved? Do you like meeting new people and leading volunteers? Are you good at making people wear name tags? Then becoming an event leader might be right for you!

What’s an event leader all about?

Being an event leader is fun, extremely rewarding, and essential to Columbus Gives Back.  There are typically at least two event leaders at each event — often a newer leader and a more experienced leader — so it’s not too much responsibility for one person.  Event leaders arrive early, greet volunteers and make sure people are engaged and enjoying themselves.  They also choose a location for the “social twist” after the event.

In addition to leading the actual event, we ask that one leader sends a reminder email to the volunteers and updates the eventbrite registration page to reflect attendance.   Otherwise, the commitment outside of the event itself is minimal.

What’s the time commitment?

Ideally, we’d love for event leaders to be willing to lead one event per month. If there is a specific event that you LOVE and want to lead, we can make that happen too.

What qualifications do I need?

We ask that individuals attend three CGB events before becoming event leaders.  Comfort in leading and socializing with groups is also desirable.

Sounds like me, how do I sign up?

If you are interested in helping us lead events, contact Amanda at   We will then set up a meeting with to go over the eventbrite system as well as Columbus Gives Back standards and policies for managing events.