Support Columbus Gives Back

Please support Columbus Gives Back and help us continue to create a community around volunteering in Central Ohio!

In 2014 alone, Columbus Gives Back pvoided over 2000 hours of service to nonprofit organizations around Columbus. Our volunteers hosted game nights for residents at the YMCA, served dinner to hungry neighbors at Faith Mission Community Kitchen, packaged meals for the elderly and chronically ill through Lifecare alliance’s Meals on Wheels, provided fun activities for children at the YWCA Family Center…and these are just a few examples of the impact our volunteers made on the Central Ohio Community.

Believe it or not, we do this with NO paid staff and NO office space. This model allows us to maximize the impact of every dollar donated and makes your contribution that much more important.

Here is what your donation can do:

$5 – buys one person’s ingredients for baking cookies at the Ronald McDonald House

$10 –  purchases nametags for volunteers at events, enhancing the #socialtwist so volunteers keep coming back!

$25 –  covers the monthly cost of our newsletter, allowing us share volunteer opportunities to over 2000 subscribers across central Ohio.

$50 – buys fleece and supplies to make blankets for children in foster care each month.

Please contact caroline at for additional options to support Columbus Gives Back. We thank you for your support.