Ten. Good things come in tens. There’s ten digits in a phone number. Ten yards to a first down. Ten pins to a bowling strike. Ten seasons of Friends. Ten kilometers in a long-distance road running competition. Ten hotdogs to a pack (but only 6 hot dog buns to a bag? A forever

And now we’re in the tenth month of the year (yep, reread that twice). How do you plan on spending it? I have a suggestion – how about atTENd one of our Columbus Gives Back events this month? We’ve got quite the variety to choose from!

Come out to LifeCare Alliance where we’ll count bread in bags of ten for Meals on Wheels. Spend less than ten dollars on cookie dough for our Ronald McDonald House cookie-baking event. Play ten rounds of Uno with the men at YMCA. Bring ten friends with you to this month’s happy hour at North High Brewing. Whichever event you choose, you’ll make at least ten friends. Guaranteed.

So, go ahead. What are you waiting for? Spend ten minutes to search our current volunteer opportunities and sign up for one! Or two! Or ten  You will have a great time – of that I’m cerTEN

Diana Lolli
Event Leader
Columbus Gives Back