Happy November! The time of year is upon us where everyone starts to reflect on the things that they are thankful for. As an organization, Columbus Gives Back has a lot to be thankful for as well. First and foremost, I wanted to share that we recently got our 501c3 status, which officially makes us a non-profit organization as opposed to a volunteer club. We also wanted to extend a big thanks to everyone who has volunteered with us, and especially those who donated to our Go Fund Me campaign earlier this year. We work hard to offer great events that allow people to give back to the Columbus community, but we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the support of our volunteers! You guys are truly the best!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I’ve noticed over the years, that this is the time of year where I have an even greater interest in giving (or giving back) to organizations that make the world a better place. In that regard, Columbus is a great place to be! There are countless non-profits and philanthropic organizations who are on the ground doing some great work, and we want to connect you with as many of them as possible!

Through our volunteer programming, we offer opportunities to get to know and get involved with some of these great organizations. However, not every non-profit in Columbus has a need for hands-on volunteer work, but they could certainly use support in other ways. So, it is with great excitement that we announce a new type of event as part of our #SocialTwist offerings. These are events that are put on by our community partners that could use volunteer support in the form of attendance. Each month, CGB will identify events to attend as a group to show our support for these organizations and causes.

Did you know that one of the ways many non-profits stay in business is because people like you and me participate in their programming? Something as simple as attending a performance of Waiting for Godot at the Franklinton Playhouse or drinking wine at the Fourth Annual 1girl Gala can have a profound and lasting effect on how they market their events in the future. Having a large turnout at an event can help organizations secure more corporate sponsors, which in turn boosts their budgets, and allows them to make an even greater impact on the community.

What’s especially cool is that many of these events are free or cost very little to attend. What more could you want, right? In the coming weeks, we’ll be building out our #SocialTwist programming calendar. Look for a variety of events such as fundraiser 5ks, benefit concerts, beer and wine tastings, bike rides, hikes, gallery openings, and galas, to name a few. Sign up for these, our philanthropic happy hours, or our hands-on volunteer events through our website. We hope to see you at an event very soon!

Taylor Putnam-Majarian
Social Director
Columbus Gives Back