Top Ten Reasons to Get Involved with Columbus Gives Back in April

  1. Spring Activities Abound! We have an Earth Day CleanupTree Planting at Mock ParkThe Aids Walk of Central Ohio, and many more great warm(er) weather volunteer activities to enjoy.
  2. Because we set a record for most events in a month ever! We have 32 events in April and you can sign up for all of them here.
  3. Free Pizza for New Volunteers! For anyone who has never volunteered with us before, we have a Blanket making event with free Pizza from Dewey’s afterwards. A perfect way to dip your toes in the volunteering waters!
  4. With warmer weather comes warmer drinking! Enjoy a #socialtwist after one of our events with a cold beer on a patio or at a bar with the garage doors open. Nothing better than a refreshing celebration after giving back.
  5. Drink at Platform and support Columbus Gives Back! Platform Brewing Co has agreed to make us their “Non-Profit Tuesday” Spotlight and donate 1$ for every beer sold to us! Stop by any time on April 17th, drink a pint, enter our raffle, and enjoy time with other CGB volunteers!
  6. Meet new friends! In the first 3 months of the year, we have had 266 unique individuals volunteer with Columbus Gives Back! Part of the volunteer experience is connecting with other people who care. Come out and make the most of the untapped network that is Columbus.
  7. Our Happy Hour is going to be a big one this month. We are partnering with Columbus SOUP to create a big event at Land Grant on 4/4 that will raise money for their Spring SOUP Grant! Come out and enjoy a Land-Grant Beer Release, enter the Raffle by signing up for a CGB event, and support Columbus SOUP!
  8. Because Mayor Ginther approves. In case you missed it, Columbus’ own Mayor tweeted in support of Columbus Gives Back earlier this year! Does this make CGB a Columbus icon? We think so!
  9. Brewery Tours! Columbus Gives Back will be hosting two events that will offer a brewery tour. One at Zaftig Brewing Company and one at Land-Grant Brewing Company. Don’t let these opportunities slip by!
  10. Because volunteering really makes a difference. More and more our organization has not only new nonprofits reaching out to us asking for help, but nonprofits giving us such grateful feedback. The work we do by volunteering may seem small to one person, but collectively its impact is incredibly significant. Let’s embrace the mission of CGB in April and give back to the community while enriching our own lives.

I’m excited for a robust April and I hope you are too! Let’s build an army of kindness together.

With Love,

Caleb Miller
Director of Outreach
Columbus Gives Back