“Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends…” These song lyrics came to mind as I sat down to type this. As cheesy as it sounds, friends and friends who do good for the community are why I have been part of Columbus Gives Back since 2010.

I was asked to share stories of why I love being an Event Leader for this amazing organization. Unfortunately, there are word limits – maybe not officially, but I thought I would keep this at a reasonable length. In short, there are way too many stories.

I will say that when you are not having the best of days, volunteering, especially with all of you amazing CGB folks, is just the remedy that a person like me needs. Recently, my high school lacrosse coach who was my mentor and friend for almost two decades passed away. My coach had dedicated his life to the game of lacrosse and taught hundreds of young lacrosse players to be better people on and off the field.

In my sadness, I decided to head to the September Happy Hour which benefited Pathways for Independence. It was exactly what I needed – I was surrounded by a plethora of community-minded people who are friends both old and new. Seeing everyone so cheerful and connected made me remember the importance of what we as CGB-ers do; we bring people together for the greater good. Coach would be proud of all of this.

Whether you are contemplating doing your first event, have done over a hundred, or are thinking of coming back from a hiatus, there is a place in this volunteering community we call Columbus Gives Back. When you’re ready to make your next impact on C-bus, be sure to sign up for an event soon.

Thank you for giving me a bit of your time and as always, thank you for giving back to Columbus!