Happy Holidays, Columbus Gives Back!

It’s so easy to be thankful for everyone I have met through CGB.  Every event I go to, there are always new people ready to serve our community and make a real change in the organizations we partner with.
A little background on my CGB history- My first event was in June 2014.  A month later, I was ready to become an event leader because I loved the mission, events, and people of CGB. January 2015 is when I joined the executive board, and a year later became president.
I share this timeline with you to show how quickly CGB became such an important part of my life.  It’s really hard to move to a new city and not really know many people or your way around.  CGB changed all of that for me.  Events that I attended were always in new parts of town that I could explore, the social twists after each event helped me discover new restaurants, and the people I met became friends.  Columbus Gives Back made Columbus feel like home.  So I want to encourage anyone who is interested in taking the next step with CGB to do it!  Whether that is signing up for another volunteer event, coming to your first happy hour, or applying to become an event leader!  You never know how big of an impact you can make, or how much of an impact this wonderful group of people will have on you.
December is a great time to reflect on the year you’ve had.  A lot of my favorite memories from this past year were with CGB.  If you ever have any questions or want to be more involved, please reach out to me- I’d love to share more about giving back with CGB with you!
Amand Shafer