Our volunteer of the month for October 2019 is … May Woo!


We asked May a few questions about her CGB experience:

1. How and why did you become involved with Columbus Gives Back?
I wanted to make better use of free time. Instead of staying home being a couch potato, I wanted to spend the time to help others and meet new friends. At first, I had to search various websites to find volunteer opportunities that were interesting and fit my schedule. There weren’t a lot, so I didn’t go as often. I was excited to finally come across Columbus Gives Back. I now have a single spot to look for events. The CGB calendar has so many different types of events that fit my schedule. And I love the social twist part. Volunteering at CGB is not just about providing services to those in need, it’s also about meeting people and making friends. That’s what makes me keep coming back for more.


2. What is your favorite Columbus Gives Back event?
It has to be my very first CGB event. It’s a blind soccer practice at the Ohio State School for the Blind. I was impressed by the soccer team members. They played very well just by listening to sounds. I was also impressed by how good they were at taking care of themselves. Once they’re familiar with the environment, they don’t need a cane to find their way. The most fun part of the event was the last part when the soccer team played against the volunteer team. I had never played soccer before and still had so much fun playing with everyone there.

Thank you, May, for volunteering with us, and for your kindness for so many people!



**Columbus Gives Back will select a volunteer each month that displays excellence in community service. We will spotlight each individual and provide some information about them to applaud their giving spirit and a job well done!