Our volunteer of the month for December 2019 is … Devin Taylor!


We asked Devin a few questions about his CGB experience:

1. How and why did you become involved with Columbus Gives Back?About 3 years ago I think it was I went to my first happy hour, the one where Diana and Alfred also happened to meet each other. I had been in Columbus for a bit over a year but the only people I knew were from the racing community. Jeff Majarian, who I knew from those events, suggested I go to the happy hour. I didn’t actually do my first event until after the racing season was over 3-4 months later.
2. What is your favorite Columbus Gives Back event?
Election night. I’ve tried to make them all since doing the first one, but the latest didn’t work out due to getting sick and having a hockey game later the same night. I will definitely be at the next one.

Big thanks to Devin for all of his volunteer hours, his genuine desire to help out, and for bringing around his four-legged pal Noah 🙂



**Columbus Gives Back will select a volunteer each month that displays excellence in community service. We will spotlight each individual and provide some information about them to applaud their giving spirit and a job well done!