Our volunteer of the month for January 2020 is …Layne Connolly!


We asked Layne a few questions about her CGB experience:


1. How and why did you become involved with Columbus Gives Back?

Myself and two of my friends, Megan Brown and Katie Melvin, all got involved with CGB because we were looking for volunteer opportunities and felt drawn to the Student Success Stores because of their mission and service they do in Columbus public schools. We started volunteering at the Student Success Stores at Columbus Global Academy in June of 2019. We have been able to volunteer at all of the sessions at that school.

2. What is your favorite Columbus Gives Back event?
My favorite CGB event is the volunteering with Student Success Stores. It is very rewarding to hear about the students served through the Success Stores and each volunteering session is a tangible way to see that our efforts are helping the mission of the Student Success Store.

Thank you Layne, for checking out Columbus Gives Back, and for finding a place in your heart for Student Success Stores! We love them, too.


**Columbus Gives Back will select a volunteer each month that displays excellence in community service. We will spotlight each individual and provide some information about them to applaud their giving spirit and a job well done!