Our volunteer of the month for January 2020 is …Harrison Chang!


We asked Harrison a few questions about his CGB experience:


1. How and why did you become involved with Columbus Gives Back?
I moved back to Columbus early last year and was looking to get back into volunteering and came across the CGB website. I used to do a lot of volunteering with organizations like Alpha Phi Omega in college and Boy Scouts in high school.

2. What is your favorite Columbus Gives Back event?
The happy hour events are always fun to be a part of and they are a great way to meet people and help contribute to a great cause. On a more serious note though I don’t really have a particular favorite event as I’ve enjoyed making a difference in the community working with the parks department to help the local community and game nights bringing joy to those that may need some emotional support.

Thank you Harrison, for being part of Columbus Gives Back!


**Columbus Gives Back will select a volunteer each month that displays excellence in community service. We will spotlight each individual and provide some information about them to applaud their giving spirit and a job well done!