Amber Aitken | Board Member, Marketing

My CGB Story

Honestly, I was doing some volunteer work in a school setting years ago and then I started grad school and wasn’t able to continue. After graduating, I needed to do something that forced me to stop thinking about myself so much, so I Googled volunteer organizations. I went to a few CGB events during the pandemic and I felt connected, even at six feet apart. It gave me an outlet to have some impact and also helped get me out of my “what’s next” funk, so I’m pretty grateful.

My favorite CGB event:

Student Success Stores, babyyyyy. There’s something super satisfying about sorting products most of us take for granted and putting them in schools where the kids need it. It’s almost meditative.

My hidden talent is…

I wouldn’t say it’s hidden at this point, but my brain keeps a lot of space (too much space) for song lyrics. If I’ve heard it, I’ll sing you the whole song (and it’ll sound pretty decent if I do say so myself). Alexa, can we play Song Quiz, please?