Bennett Coltman | Event Leader

My CGB Story

I first heard about Columbus Gives Back when I graduated from Ohio State and was trying to start dipping my toes into volunteering around the city and giving back to the community. I asked a few friends what opportunities they knew about and several of them said to look into CGB. I started volunteering and was impressed by how kind and generous the other volunteers and the leadership team were, so I was honored when I got the chance to become an event leader!

My favorite CGB event: I LOVE working at LifeCare Alliance! It’s an easy way to help an excellent organization, and I have had great conversations with the other volunteers every single time I’ve participated.

My hidden talent is…I am actually very good at skipping stones! It’s pretty close to the bottom of the list of useful skills in the world, but I’ll take any excuse I can to spend some time in nature by water 🙂