Kylissa Cox | Board Member, Finance + Fundraising

My CGB Story

I initially saw a post on social media about Columbus Gives Back and made a mental note to look more into it, then Covid shut the world down! Fast forward twelve months and Monisa posted that there was an opening for a new board member with CGB to work in Finance and Fundraising. I thought things over and decided to apply. I was selected to serve and I am so excited to be a part of such a great team!

My favorite CGB event

I volunteered at the community garden at Linden Miracle Garden. It was so refreshing! I was able to not only give back but I reconnected with a childhood joy. I spent so many summers at my great aunt’s working in her garden so it felt good to get dirty again!

My hidden talent is…I consider myself to be a silent comedian. I am always joking about something. I love to laugh! However I’m extremely shy so I’d NEVER do stand up & I’m not a naturally loud person so many times only the people in close proximity get to enjoy the show!