Monisa Mason | Board Member, Outreach + Partnerships

My CGB Story

Being new to Columbus, my goal was to learn more about the city and one of the best ways to do that is by volunteering. I cannot remember how I stumbled upon CGB, but I loved how they offered a variety of volunteer options throughout different days/times of the week. At the time, I had a job in which my only availability was the weekend, and had attempted to sign up for a few volunteer projects, but because CGB is so awesome and so popular, there was always a waiting list for the ones that I was interested in 🙁 Once my job changed and I realized that I had more availability, I decided to look back at CGB and saw that they were looking for new board members; the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, so I applied!

My hidden talent is…My longest plank was for 11 minutes but I am trying to get to 14 minutes!