Stephanie Barnes | Event Leader

My CGB Story

I found Columbus Gives Back when a different group I was volunteering with awarded CGB board member Alfred for being an outstanding young professional volunteer. We soon became friends and he introduced me to happy hours. I started volunteering and more friendships and many good times followed. I was excited to get the chance to become an event leader and bring my event planning and networking experience to the group. CGB has taken me places I wouldn’t have known about and helped me with awesome people- I’m looking forward to where it takes me next!

My favorite CGB event: The March of Dimes silent auction was my favorite event of this past year! It had everything: fundraising for a great cause, samples from some of the best restaurants and bars  in Columbus, and it attracted a lot of first time volunteers . There was even a sloth from the Columbus zoo!

My hidden talent is…Have you ever wanted to start your own invisible business or start a colony on Mars? I have the improv skills to make the impossible happen in surprising ways. I’ll play if you do, just keep in mind that I’ll probably beat you if you challenge me to a game of Zip, Zap, Zop. 🙂